basalte (ba-zal-t’), noun

French for basalt
A black and shiny volcanic rock: a hard, black, often glossy, volcanic rock. It is produced by a partial melting of the Earth’s mantle

Latin basalts, a variant of the Greek basanites or basanos meaning touchstone. 

The name basalte stands for our two core values.
It is a very basic and natural material. This refers to our search for simplicity in the way we design our products.
It is a high quality material, which refers to the quality that we want to achieve with our products.

Home automation should be simple. It should be a way to add comfort to the complexity of the modern home.
Home automation systems are often still designed from a technical point of view, while we believe that one should be able to switch lights on and off in an intuitive way, without thinking about which switch to press

Our light switches go beyond what light switches are today.
We believe that our products can add comfort, by simplifying the user experience in the modern home.

Because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.