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Introducing Cinema One

Kaleidescape Cinema One brings a movie experience to your home unlike anything you’ve ever seen. When you press Play, the lights go down, the masking is set, and your movie starts instantly—with no previews or ads—for a truly theatrical movie experience.


Take Home Theater to a Whole New Level

Designed for virtually unlimited scalability, Kaleidescape Premiere systems support practically any number of rooms or movies. For example, one customer has 96 players, another has more than 15,000 movies. So, however grand your home theater dreams, the Premiere line can make them come true.



Kaleidescape Apps

Your Collections — At Your Fingertips

Designed to add fun and flexibility to the Kaleidescape Experience, the Kaleidescape Apps for iPad and iPhone make it easier than ever to control your Kaleidescape System or add new movies to your library. Both are available as free downloads from the App Store and put the power of Kaleidescape at your fingertips.

Have you ever been out shopping for new movies, wondering if you already own a particular film? The Kaleidescape App for iPhone helps you find out in seconds. Simply scan the movie’s UPC barcode and you'll instantly know if the movie you're holding has already been imported onto your Kaleidescape System from DVD or Blu-ray Disc as well as provide detailed info about the title.

> See the Kaleidescape App for iPhone in Action

IPAD MINITwo Screens Are Better Than One

The Kaleidescape App for iPad is able to access your movie and music library anywhere in your home, regardless of whether your television or projector is on. So now you can easily listen to a favorite album, or enjoy incredible Blu-ray audio from your favorite concert films throughout your home.And when you are sitting in front of your screen, the Kaleidescape App for iPad enables you to explore your entire film and music library while a movie is playing. So now, you can cue up your next song or Kaleidescape Scene while the last one is playing, or search your entire library for other films featuring a select cast member. You can also tap Web Search and see what the rest of the world has to say about your favorite actors and directors. The Kaleidescape App for iPad dramatically expands how you can interact with your movies and music.

See the Kaleidescape App for iPad in Action

ipad-app-common-sense-media ipad-app-rotten-tomatoes

What Do You Want To Watch?

Not only does the Kaleidescape App for iPad make it incredibly easy to find a particular film, it also helps you decide which movie to watch. With the recent addition of detailed movie information from Common Sense Media and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, you can now quickly and confidently find a great film that everyone in your family can enjoy. With Common Sense Media, you can go beyond the MPAA ratings and really understand what a movie contains as far as mature language, content and themes. Rotten Tomatoes ratings combine reviews from multiple sources and are clearly displayed for each film, making it easier than ever to select your evening's entertainment. Only Kaleidescape delivers this level of convenience, control and confidence.



Building a company "we could all be proud of" was the genesis of Kaleidescape. "We literally gathered the founders with a singular vision of building a company we personally would want to work for," notes founder and chairman, Michael Malcolm.

"And we landed on the concept of delivering a quality motion picture experience throughout the home."

The Kaleidescape Story

The concept for Kaleidescape was born in early 2001, just after Michael Malcolm had a state-of-the art theater installed in his Colorado home. A small group of seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs brainstormed the best way to serve up a rich cinematic experience in the home.

Kaleidescape's founders began to research everything they could about the motion picture business, licensing, and the technology of digital audio and video to bring their audacious goal to life. This led to their design of the Kaleidescape architecture, several innovative hardware appliances, and the purpose-built software for these products known as KEAOS — the Kaleidescape Entertainment Appliance Operating System.

"At the outset we realized the Internet would eventually be the delivery vehicle for movies. But we also realized that practical Internet delivery of high definition movies would be a long time coming, and shiny discs would need to suffice until then," says Malcolm. "After considerable study we discovered that with carefully designed hardware and software we could build a legal system that enables customers to copy their movies to hard disks for immediate playback anywhere in the home. This discovery led to the first Kaleidescape System which we introduced in 2003."

sunnyvale-headquartersKaleidescape Headquarters

                                               440 Potrero Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085-4117 USA
                                                                    +1 650-625-6100   |   +1 650-625-6101 Fax

waterloo-buildingKaleidescape Canada Office

                           611 Kumpf Drive, Unit 100, Waterloo, Ontario N2V 1K8 Canada
                                                                    +1 519-772-6400   |   +1 519-772-6401 Fax

Today, the Kaleidescape experience is unrivaled. The company is known for its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and customer service, and its unique movie server architecture. Kaleidescape Systems are installed in the finest homes and yachts around the globe. The company has also built and maintains one of the largest and most complete databases of information describing movies and music.

"Technology and innovation are at the heart of Kaleidescape," notes Cheena Srinivasan, founder and executive vice president. "But our real satisfaction comes from seeing the impact we have on our customers' lives. They enjoy more time with their families, reconnect with their favorite movies and music, and truly enjoy their content throughout their homes."

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with research and development by Kaleidescape Canada, Inc., based in Waterloo, Ontario, Kaleidescape's award-winning products can be purchased around the world through its network of custom-installation dealers and distributors.