Designer Tactile Switches

Asano is a networked multiroom audio system that allows you to freely locate your sources and amplifiers anywhere in the house. It is ideal for home of all sizes, as well as restaurants, sports bars as well as hotels.

Asano transports uncompressed crystal clear audio from any source to any room over a dedicated Ethernet network and also integrates perfectly in KNX systems without any interface for effortless installation and simplicity.

Auro, the world’s smallest KNX motion detector, without the use of any interface.

Auro is intelligent, fast and almost invisible with its completely flat design and extremely low height (1mm) and diameter of only 52mm. This extra flat design allows it to seamlessly integrate into any interior requiring minimal extrusions.

Auro has a built-in light sensor for light dependent switching, dimming and controlling scenes during  different times of the day.

Deseo combines great functionality and an innovative user interface in a sleek minimalistic design.

Deseo is a 4-way touch sensitive room controller that allows the use of all home automation functions in a room ranging from lighting control, blind control, creating different scenes, thermostat and even the central music system.

Inspired by the Italian design of the late fifties, Enzo combines retro with luxury based on craftsmanship and high quality materials.

Enzo uses the latest technology and features highly sensitive touch sensors, multi-touch capability and temperature sensing.

Comes in 2-way or 4-way touch surfaces.


Eve – Basalte’s ultimate iPad frame is now also available for iPad Air and iPad mini retina. The latest additions to the range of Basalte Eve products have been adapted to the new size and elegance of iPad Air and iPad mini retina.

Eve is a refined and elegant on-wall mounting frame that perfectly complements today’s most popular tablet. Its sleek and understated design enhances the perfection of the iPad.

The frames come in the same finishes as the previous versions: polished aluminium, brushed anodized black or aluminium and satin white and is available with round or rectangular cover.

For commercial applications like retail and hospitality, Eve is available with security cover. By means of a small tool, the iPad can be easily unlocked and removed again.

Mona is a sensually designed light switch with a finely drawn geometric stylistic language.

Mona harmoniously melts into the wall with its simple and architectural shape, able to go with any style.

Mona features a touch-sensitive surface allowing comfortable and elegant handling.

In switched-off position, light emitting diodes illuminate the light switch with a softly shimmering ring.

Sentido, the light switch reinvented.

Sentido is Basalte’s bestseller. It is a highly innovative touch sensitive switch that has been awarded several times with design and architecture prizes for its sleek and sophisticated design.

The entire surface, 2-way or 4-way, is touch sensitive, creating a very easy and unique way of control.

Touching more than one surface at the same time turns on and off all the lights in a room or can control a general scene. This patented multi-touch function makes light control highly intuitive and user friendly.

The integrated temperature sensor reports discretely the room temperature to the home automation system while the multi-color LED backlight can be used for status feedback or simply to light up Sentido in the dark.

In our search for simplicity, we have created a new user experience using innovative touch sensitive technology, which makes the entire surface sensitive to touch.

As a single function switch, Tacto switches or dims lights, or controls scenes and blinds at only the slightest touch without pointing to a specific area.

The integrated multicolor LED backlight makes Tacto visible in the dark and can also be used for status feedback.