Designer Switches

In the past few years Lithoss has released a number of remarkable concepts and designs. The pinnacle of craftsmanship however is our new, exclusive and beautiful collection Selected by Ingrid Adriaenssens.

Ingrid Adriaenssens, a famous jewellery designer from Ghent created sophisticated switches in her very own specific style, turning our switches into pieces of art. She was given carte blanche in terms of colours and artistic vision. Ingrid Adriaenssens chose to work with high-quality enamel powders of Thompson Enamels, known for their purity and the rich, intense colour range. She drew inspiration from the enamel’s softness, texture and depth.

The collaboration between Ingrid Adriaenssens and Lithoss shows how the ancient art of enamelling has contemporary, everyday uses and an unprecedentedly long lifespan. These are hand-made designs. The series consists of four selections, named after great historical citizens of Ghent.

Cockpit offers the ultimate design solution for all your renovation projects. This 10-ampere two-way switch can be connected directly to your conventional installation. You no longer need micromodules!

Optionally, mounting clamps and an amber-coloured neon indicator light are available.
For the fans, Cockpit is also sold in a pushbutton version (same design) that can be connected directly to your home automation system. Cockpit is available in the well-known stylish Lithoss Select finishes, including our updated bronze antique and the new public’s favourite tin antique. Finishes that generate a striking effect in both traditional and ultramodern interiors. Besides, the unique character of this cockpit switch is not only expressed in the handmade finishing but also in the matching caps & handles. The cone shape creates a classic and timeless look whereas the knurl shape gives your switch that highly appreciated touch of vintage.

The fine brushing on the stainless steel surface gives the products a distinctive quality. The polished outer side of the switch is accented by its modest appearance. The stainless steel finish shows the cover plate in its most sober form, with its coarsest texture.

This highly polished finish is an eye-catcher in an interior. It has the appearance of brushed steel and sparkles like diamond.

With its anything but contemporary feel, Fusain seems an odd man out in the range. However it is just a logical step forwards in switches and sockets. An almost carbon black finish lends the interior a note of distinction and stands out from the almost boundless mass.

Bronze is one of the earliest materials used by mankind. Lithoss applies this material to contemporary cover plates. The craftsmanship with which the bronze is worked means that each plate and each switch has its own colour. Not so much a difference as a display of uniqueness.

The golden finish of Lithoss’ Brass caresses the eye. The radiance of a precious metal gives the cover plates an exclusive cachet. Once gold was the symbol for purity. For Lithoss means this means the pure line of the switch, in equilibrium with its surroundings.

The chrome version is very special and remarkable. The white polished chromé is a shiny metal that reflects everything from the environment, just like a mirror.

In many contemporary interiors the original plaster walls are featured, uncovered and unpainted. RAL 9010 has a fine white finish which makes the plates all but invisible when recessed into a plaster wall. A perfect part of the whole.

The Soft Touch is standard available in the colour RAL 9010. This fi nishing is soft as velvet. The coverplate and button(s) feel very soft and are a caress for your fi ngertips. You can feel the soft difference with our standard RAL 9010.

Lithoss lets you choose the colour of the cover plates yourself from the RAL colour space. Whether this is to make the plates merge into the walls or to give them as stark contrast, the options are almost endless.